Exclusion clauses in an electrical estimate are added to your proposal to communicate work or materials that are NOT included in your price.

Well developed electrical estimating software includes many standard estimate Exclusion clauses and will allow you to add custom exclusions that may be unique to your bid or to your particular project.

Be very specific about what you are excluding so that your customer does not expect work or materials that are outside of the scope of your work and that you will not be providing as part of your bid.

Below you will see some common exclusions which you may want to add to your proposals.

Exclusions example

Price excludes the following:

(1) Concrete bases for light poles
(2) Excavation, back fill, or compaction of dirt
(3) Landscaping or replacement of plants shrubs and grass
(4) Ac unit control wiring
(5) Plywood back boards for phone or communications
(6) Temporary power or light
(7) Barriers for transformers or switchboards
(8) Plan check fees
(9) Engineering
(10) Utility company service charges
(11) Phone or datacom
(12) Cost of fuel for emergency generator. (Price includes the cost of fuel for a 4 hour test ONLY.)

List specific exclusions to make it clear to your customer what is NOT included in your price.


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