Includions in the proposal

Inclusions are very important in your electrical estimate. Write inclusions on your proposal to describe exactly what work and materials are included as part of your price. Being exact in your description of services and materials communicates to your customer what he can expect from you. Good estimating software will suggest key inclusions for your proposal. See the Inclusions example below which shows the exact quantities of items to be installed.


Price includes the following:

Installation of conduit and wiring as per drawings dated 1-18-08. Sheets E-1, E-2, E-3, E -4 and E-5.

1) 1 - 225 amp, 277/480 volt panel with 42 circuit s (Panel L-1).
2) 1 - 225 amp, 120/208 volt panel with 42 circuit s (Panel E-1).
3) 2 – 10 ton Roof mounted AC units. Disconnects included.
4) 5 – motion sensor wall switches.
5) 7 – Wall light switches - 1 pole.
6) 63 – 2 X 4 - 3 lamp light fixtures with prismatic lenses and T – 8 lamps (earthquake wires by others).
7) 8 – Emergency lights 2 X 4 3 lamp light fixtures with prismatic lenses and T–8 lamps (earthquake wires by others).
8) EMT conduit is to be used for indoor overhead home runs.
9) 44 – 120 volt 20 amp quad receptacles.
10) MC cable is to be used for wiring of branch circuits and lighting.
11) Trenching, backfill and compaction for underground trenches (removal and disposal of excess dirt is to be by others).
12) 12” (inches) of sand backfill is to be used for underground conduit in trenches.
13) PVC conduit is to be used for underground or under slab installation.
14) Applicable tax.

When you show exact quantities and the description of what you will be installing you reduce misunderstandings which may cost you more money. This is one of the keys to a professional electrical estimate proposal. If you do not have inclusions in your agreement, your customer may argue that he expected certain services or materials as part of the price. Without detailed inclusions, you may feel forced to add them even though you did not plan to provide them, costing you more money and reducing your profit.


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