Review Quotes

After you have completed your take-off of items requiring quotes from vendors and your vendors have submitted their quotes, it is necessary to review their quotes. It is advisable to place all the quotes received on a spreadsheet for easier review.

Review each one to verify that the correct quantities were quoted. Make sure that everything you have requested is included and make note of any discrepancies or missing equipment. You will want to make any corrections and adjustments before you enter these numbers into your electrical estimating software.

Call your supplier to discuss their quote - Confirm that everything is included and make necessary adjustments. Look at the entire quote item by item, not just the price.

The lower price may not have included everything. The lowest responsible quote is the one that includes the right quantities, the right products and meets the requirements of the plans and specifications.

After you have examined, analyzed and made any necessary adjustments to the quotes select the ones that you want to use in your bid.

List of common vendor quoted items

* Lighting fixtures & lamps
* Switchgear
* Motor control centers
* Data equipment
* Fire alarm components
* Phone system
* Generator equipment

By making a price list of the different vendors that quoted materials, you are better able to make an informed decision and choose the best, most competitive quoted price.


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