Subcontractor Quotes

After you determine if there are items in the the electrical estimate that will be completed by sub-contractors, call them to request their quotes. Make sure that they fully understand their scope of work. Look closely at the quotations you receive. Check for completeness and conformance with plans and specifications. Check for any qualifications and exclusions in the subcontractor’s bid. You may have to “plug” an amount as an additional cost in the bid to cover the qualifications or exclusions. Don’t get caught short and have to buy additional subcontractor work out of your intended profits.

List of common items often quoted by subcontractors

* Fire alarm
* Security system
* Sound system
* Nurse call
* Temporary power
* Engineering
* PA system
* Telemetry
* High voltage
* Data com
* Concrete
* Concrete coring
* Asphalt patching


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